School of Social Sciences

Delivering a transformative education is the core mission of the School of Social Sciences at the Blue Sky University. Outstanding faculty attract the best undergraduate and graduate students, who in turn play an essential role in challenging and stimulating scholarship. This critical mass of great minds is advantageous for everyone. Students are empowered to work in meaningful ways with professors who have expertise in fields ranging from high-energy physics to religion and global conflict. And professors rely on students to carry out research, spark new ideas, and ultimately reshape their disciplines.

The School of Social Sciences at the Blue Sky University facilitates the creation, dissemination, and preservation of scientific knowledge about human society, its problems, and their solutions. We support these aims through our highly collaborative environment and offer many services to support faculty, students, and staff.

Our scientific mission is:

  • To create, and make widely accessible, statistical, computational, and analytical tools for the social sciences; and
  • To use these tools for understanding and solving major problems that affect society and the well-being of human populations.

The organizational mission is:

  • To foster interdisciplinary, and highly collaborative projects that cannot readily be accomplished in isolation within the traditional setting of individual schools; and
  • To build a scientific culture where faculty, students, and staff work side by side, not only to solve their own problems in their own disciplines, but also to seek out problems in unrelated or applied areas amenable to the same approach.

What do we mean by Social Science

We use the term social science to refer to areas of scholarship dedicated to understanding, or improving the well-being of, human populations. Social scientists typically conduct quantitative analysis using data observed at the level of the person or groups of persons, such as countries or areas. The term most commonly is applied to empirical and quantitative areas within academic disciplines in the Faculty of Arts and Science, such as Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, and Anthropology. The School of Social Sciences focuses on how people think and act as individuals and in society. Just as scientists seek to uncover facts about the natural and physical worlds, social scientists seek to uncover facts about the social world. These social facts are actually in many ways more difficult to uncover than facts about the physical universe. Because the facts are about people, they are often a moving target. People change their minds; asteroids do not. People think they see something when often times they do not; cells are not per se confused or forgetful.

Our successes in research at the Blue Sky University feeds directly into our teaching and helps us to produce courses that are world class, and which reflect developments at the frontiers of research and scholarship. One of our hallmarks is that we do our utmost to ensure that our successful research informs course production so that our students benefit from that leading edge in research.

In addition, we are focused on recruiting and retaining excellent staff and on managing ourselves in ways which combine originality and innovation in research and curriculum with the cost-effective production and presentation of courses. The Faculty of Social Sciences at the Blue Sky University is an exciting place to work. Across our school you will find our faculty and students are generating solutions for people, with people.

Whether your motivation for advancing your education is personal, professional or a combination of both, The Blue Sky University is ready to support you. Contact the Office of Admissions today ( for details on how our Social Science programs can satisfy your academic, personal or professional needs. Also, be sure and ask about our scholarship opportunities that are reserved exclusively for students in the Social Sciences.

Programs offered by School of Social Sciences

Degree Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Associate Degree (A.Sc.) Minimum high school or equiv.
Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) Associate degree, or equir. international education
Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) Minimum high school or equiv.
Masters Degree (M.Sc.) Minimum Bachelor’s or equiv.
Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) Minimum Master’s or equiv.

Diploma Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Diploma Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Diploma Minimum high school or equiv.

Certificate Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Course Certificate Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Course Certificate Minimum Bachelor’s or equiv.
Undergraduate Certificate Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Certificate Minimum Bachelor’s or equiv.
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