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At one time, a Bachelor’s Degree was the extent of what employers expected of the average job applicant. But today, increasingly, employers look for candidates that hold at least a Master’s Degree in a field related to the position for which they wish to be considered. While it is still possible to enter the workforce with only a Bachelor’s Degree, career advancement opportunities for those who hold at least one or more Master’s Degrees are wide open. And today in some fields, a Master’s Degree is the minimum qualification for working in the industry. Social Work and Accountancy are two examples of careers in which a Master’s Degree is often required in order to have a promising career outlook.

A Master’s Degree is an academic degree granted to individuals who have undergone study demonstrating a mastery of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. Within their area studied, B-SkyU Master’s program graduates have acquired: advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics; high level skills in analysis, critical evaluation or professional application; and the ability to solve complex problems and think rigorously and independently.

At Blue Sky University there are a range of pathways to the Master’s Degree, with entry based on evidence of a capacity to undertake higher degree studies in the proposed field. A Thesis may or may not be required, depending on the program. In general, the structure and duration of a program of study leading to a Master’s Degree will cover one year of full time study or two years of part time study. And, several of the Master’s Degree programs at B-SkyU may be completed while candidates maintain full time employment.

Why seek a Master’s Degree?

For many B-SkyU graduates, simply holding a Master’s Degree is an exceptionally important accomplishment. It leads to a feeling of personal achievement that actually results in increased confidence, as well as greater career satisfaction, even if the individual does not wish to get a new job or earn a promotion. In other words, earning a Master’s Degree may be reward enough for some folks. Other graduates have decided to complete their Master’s Degrees in order to obtain greater standing in their chosen field of work. A Master’s Degree can be beneficial in receiving promotions with a current employer, and can make it easier to get a new and better job with a new employer, as well.

For example, if you’ve been working in a corporate setting as a team member in project management, you may wish to move into upper management in that field. Qualifying for management level positions can be challenging, especially if you are up against new college graduates that hold a Master’s or Doctorate Degree in business administration.

Getting a corporate management level job will be much more likely if you hold a Master of Management, Master of Business Administration, or Master of Leadership degree. By combining your invaluable work experience with a graduate level education, you make yourself a much more attractive candidate, and one that new college graduates will have a hard time competing with because of their lack of relevant work experience.

How long does earning a Master’s Degree take?

At Blue Sky University most Master’s Degree programs can be completed in one year of full time, or two years of part time study beyond the bachelor’s degree. Upon completion, a Master’s Degree can open the door to many career opportunities that are personally, professionally, and financially fulfilling. The most common Master’s Degrees at B-SkyU are the Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.Sc.). Note that whether you earn an M.A or M.Sc. depends more on the school you attend than the academic requirements fulfilled; the two are different only in name – not in educational requirements or status. Master’s Degrees are also offered in a variety of fields (e.g., psychology, mathematics, biology, etc.), just as Bachelor’s Degrees are offered in many fields. At B-SkyU some fields of study have specialized degrees, like the M.S.W for social work and the M.B.A for business.

What Does a Master’s Degree Entail?

AT B-SkyU, Master’s degree programs entail classes, similar to your undergraduate classes. However the classes are usually conducted as Case-based seminars, with a great deal of discussion. The professors tend to expect a higher level of analysis and interaction in master’s classes than undergraduate classes.

Most of our Master’s Degree programs require students to complete a Master’s Thesis, or an extended research paper. Depending on the field, your Master’s Thesis may entail conducting a thorough analysis of the literature, or a scientific experiment. Other Master’s programs offer alternatives to the Master’s thesis, such as written comprehensive exams or other written projects that are less rigorous than a thesis. In service-oriented fields, for example, like clinical and counseling psychology, and social work; Master’s Degrees usually include a practicum or internship in which you learn applied skills like how to perform therapy.

Professional Advancement with Master’s Degrees

The increased prominence of careers in which Master’s Degrees are considered a minimum qualification have led B-SkyU to offer combined Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. In these types of programs, students enter an undergraduate course of study with the intention of moving directly into the graduate program after earning their Bachelor’s Degree.

In most cases, the Master’s Degree portion of the student’s schooling consists of one to two additional years of study before the Master’s Degree is conferred. For example, our accounting, social work, business administration, and education programs are structured in this manner. It is also possible, of course, to return to school even years after completing a Bachelor’s Degree to finish one of the many Master’s Degree programs that are offered at Blue Sky University. We even have programs that allow individuals to count their professional experience, in lieu of a Bachelor’s Degree, in consideration for admission to a graduate school program. Many working professionals choose to complete a Master’s Degree in an effort to advance their career. Completing a Master’s Degree is not only a means of moving a career forward. It is also a very personally rewarding experience as well.

Multiple Master’s Degrees

Most Master’s Degrees don’t take that long to earn, with the majority of B-SkyU Masters Degree programs lasting one to two years. Many of our Masters Degree programs are also flexible programs that allow working professionals to return to school part time and continue to work full time in order to maintain their professional career while still pursuing a graduate level education. We have a number of students who have gone on to complete multiple Master’s Degrees. Doing so is not just beneficial from a career perspective, but can also satisfy personal dreams and goals. Becoming a “Master” in your chosen field can open up new opportunities, as well as make you feel more confident.

At Blue Sky U there are a number of Master’s Degree programs that are uniquely suited to complement one another and to promote career advancement in any given field. Prime examples include a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Finance for those who wish to work in a corporate accounting department, or even run their own business. Another example of highly complementary Master’s Degree Programs is the Master’s in Teaching and Master’s in Psychology for those who wish to be college guidance counselors.

It is also important to realize that more and more candidates in the job market hold more than just a Bachelor’s Degree. As more people have Master’s Degrees, the ability to remain competitive may require you to possess a more advanced degree as well. Holding multiple Master’s Degrees may be just the advantage you need to become the top candidate for that dream job. In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, focused professionals need to keep their knowledge and skills current with industry standards. For many who recognize the importance of industry-specific credentials, two Master’s Degrees represent an affirmation of their professional commitment to both current and prospective employers.

At Blue Sky University we understand this. We also understand the importance for advanced education to be flexible and convenient to help accommodate your current personal, family and career responsibilities. That’s why our Master’s Degree programs are geared to practical, motivated individuals in a hurry to get going, get it done and get on with another stage of their professional development. We want our prospective students to feel confident in choosing a school that not only offers industry-current Master’s Degree programs in many of today’s most interesting fields, but also can provide an unparalleled level of student support to help you focus on your education.

Whether your motivation for advancing your education is personal, professional or a combination of both, Blue Sky University is ready to support you. Contact the Office of Admissions today (; or telephone: 976-11-452739 or 976-7015-8802) for details on how our Master’s level programs can satisfy your academic, personal or professional needs. Also, be sure and ask about of scholarship opportunities that are reserved exclusively for Master’s Degree candidates.

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