Graduate Certifications

An Overview of B-SkyU Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs offered at Blue Sky University are short, focused programs of study designed to give students advanced skills in a particular subject or area of specialization. Generally programs are one year in length, consisting of 3 – 12 course and range from 9 – 21 credits of advanced coursework. B-SkyU students pursue graduate certificates for both professional and academic reasons. For example, a student in medical school may enroll in a graduate certificate program in biomedical engineering to increase his or her understanding of emerging treatment technology; similarly, a chemist may study sustainable agriculture through a graduate certificate program in order to develop an environmentally friendly pesticide. These programs and others allow students to augment or supplement their degree with focus in specialized areas. In addition, some students enroll in graduate certificate programs instead of graduate school as a way to check out different career options before choosing a school.
On the professional side, graduate certificate programs provide continuing education credit opportunities for many careers. Those seeking to refocus or advance their careers without enrolling in an entirely new degree program may also benefit from graduate certificate programs; for example, a businesswoman holding an MBA may pursue a graduate certificate in e-commerce, human resource management or business acquisitions to expand her employment opportunities.

Credits earned can often be applied to a more advanced degree in a related field at a later date. Programs offered at B-SkyU vary by school but can include accounting, finance, business, psychology, healthcare management, multimedia technology, biotechnology, international studies and many more. Students must have a bachelor’s degree before applying for a graduate certificate program. B-SkyU also allows students to be enrolled in a graduate certificate program and a master’s or doctoral program simultaneously. Credits from the graduate certificate may also count toward the graduate degree.

Is A Graduate Certificate Right for You?

You should you consider enrolling in a graduate certificate program when you:

  • Need to acquire skills quickly to launch a new career – Most students enroll in certificate programs in hopes of quickly changing careers. For example, you might be employed as a counselor but want to qualify for a new job as a project manager. You want to qualify to work as a project manager as quickly as possible—ideally within a year. In this case, you’d be wise to focus your studies on a certificate in project management.
  • Already hold a bachelor’s degree but seek to launch a new career not related to that degree – If you already hold a bachelor’s degree but want to expand or update your skills you might also enroll in a certificate program. Perhaps you hold a bachelor’s degree in counseling. You earned that degree a decade ago. You’ve been working at a youth home but want to specialize in working with a new, better-paying population. You’ve heard there are lots of job openings for counselors who specialize in drug addiction.

Enrolling in a graduate-level certificate in addiction counseling would be a cost-effective and fairly rapid way to re-focus your career. Focusing on the certificate would also allow you to “try out” this new skill area without the hassle or additional paperwork of formally applying to a master’s degree program. Also, our certificate programs offer open admissions, letting you bypass the need and wait of gathering and submitting old transcripts or taking admission exams.

TIP: You could also consider earning a second bachelor’s degree, but unless a second degree is absolutely required for some sort of state licensing requirement, you’ll achieve your career change quicker and more cost effectively if you limit your studies to a certificate program.

Need to meet state or national licensing requirements – Some careers are regulated by state licensing boards. Counseling is one such career area. In some states, such as New York, you can qualify to enter one of America’s fastest growing career niches—drug and addiction counseling—by taking a handful of courses related to counseling and addiction along with working as a supervised counseling intern for a short period of time. A certificate in addiction counseling would be an idea educational program in the above situation.

TIP: The credits earned while completing your graduate certificate can be transferred later toward a master’s degree at B-SkyU

If any of the above criteria mirror your circumstances a certificate will be your quickest and least expensive—course of study. A certificate will help you get educated—and get on with your life. Whether your motivation for advancing your education is personal, professional or a combination of both, Blue Sky University is ready to support you. Contact the Office of Admissions today (; or telephone: 976-11-452739 or 976-7015-8802) for details on how our Graduate Certificate programs can satisfy your academic, personal or professional needs. Also, be sure and ask about our scholarship opportunities that are reserved exclusively for students in Graduate Certificate programs.

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