School of Education

Welcome to the School of Education at Blue Sky University. We are committed to both the preparation of educators and the advancement of research and scholarship in the field. Our graduate programs reflect this dual commitment. We offer programs leading to initial licensure as a teacher, counselor, or administrator, as well as programs of advanced studies for practitioners and scholars. This dual commitment is also reflected in our faculty, who combine practical classroom expertise and scholarly attainments. We see these two aspects of our work as a natural and necessary combination: either would be diminished by the absence of the other. The scholarly work deepens and enriches the preparation of educators; and the preparation of educators tethers scholarship to the realities of practice. Our mission intertwines research, teaching, and service, and centers on:

1. Knowledge in and for practice:

Building knowledge concerning the improvement of teaching and learning, with a focus on the mechanisms and dynamics that result in high student achievement.

2. Professional education:

Developing and offering high quality professional training in education for teachers, school leaders, and higher education professionals.

3. Undergraduate education:

Contributing to the undergraduate mission of Blue Sky University by providing opportunities for undergraduates to learn about education.

4. Graduate training:

Offering coherent and focused Master’s and Doctoral programs that provide thorough knowledge of practice, excellent training in education research, and linking to professional education programs so that graduate students are prepared to contribute to the training of education professionals.

The connection of theory and practice is a defining characteristic of the School of Education and of B-SkyU. Perhaps no other university has a stronger and more enduring involvement in education at all levels. The intellectual life of the School is enriched in a variety of ways. An abiding passion for teaching and learning runs through our School. We go about our work with a dedication and enthusiasm born of the belief that what we are doing matters deeply. And we bring to this work the good cheer that accompanies a labor of love. Here, too, our sense of community is evident, as each contributes to and is uplifted by the spirit of the School.

We take pride in resisting what is merely fashionable in educational thought and practice. To the constant demands for and claims of “innovation,” we bring a measure of skepticism, recognizing that the latest is not necessarily the best. And we resist, too, ideological approaches that judge ideas and practices by their conformity to a particular dogma. No idea should be ruled out of court simply because it is unfashionable; and no idea should prevail unless it can withstand the test of critical inquiry. Lively discussion and trying ideas out in practice help to keep the School of Education a lively and engaging community.

5. Research

The Faculty of Education has a commitment to conducting research of high quality and practical value. Our research is underpinned by a strong set of values which give it purpose and direction. Particular effort is directed towards the improvement of education with a central focus on teaching and learning, informed by principles of inclusivity and social justice, and valuing the contribution of user groups, especially practitioners, in collaborative research partnerships. At the B-SkyU School of Education we believe that the successful professional is one who sees connections between communities and cultures. Education is an instrument for change and the means for a better quality of life for people throughout the world.

Our mission is to advance knowledge, creativity, and innovation at the crossroads of human learning, culture, development and well-being. We create synergies and connect our fields of study to create new research, scholarship, models for change, and works of art. In research, scholarship, and artistic creation, our faculty work to connect theory and practice, to build communities beyond the classrooms, and nurture the human spirit.

Our Programs

The breadth of professional programs we offer is unusual. The innovation and sense of involvement our community offers is truly unique. At the undergraduate level, we attract a national pool of freshmen alongside a sizeable transfer student population from two- and four-year institutions. At the master’s level, recent college graduates, as well as established professionals who are seeking to advance their careers, study alongside those who are pursuing professional opportunities and personal growth in a newly chosen career. Our PhD programs attract a small and highly select group of students who are committed to research and scholarly advancement.

Whether your motivation for advancing your education is personal, professional or a combination of both, Blue Sky University is ready to support you. Contact the Office of Admissions today ( for details on how our Education programs can satisfy your academic, personal or professional needs. Also, be sure and ask about our scholarship opportunities that are reserved exclusively for students in the School of Education.

Programs Offered by the School of Education

Degree Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Associate Degree (AE) Minimum high school or equiv.
Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (B.Ed.) Associate degree, or education.
Bachelor’s Degree (B.Ed.) Minimum high school or equiv.
Masters Degree (M.Ed.) Minimum Bachelor’s or equiv
Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) Minimum Master’s or equiv.


Diploma Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Diploma in Education Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Diploma in Education Minimum high school or equiv.


Certificate Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Course Certificate in Education Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Course Certificate in Education Minimum Bachelor’s or equiv.
Undergraduate Certificate in Education Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Certificate in Education Minimum Bachelor’s or equiv.
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