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B-SkyU’s education processes are modeled on The NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Baldrige National Quality Program – Education Criteria for Performance Excellence and are designed to:

1. Help the institution deliver ever-improving value to our entire stakeholder group and develop strategies which contribute to the education quality of our program offerings and the stability of our organization.

2. Improve the overall effectiveness of the organization and its ability to innovate and leverage capabilities to satisfy the university’s Mission Statement.

3. Encourage the development of both faculty and staff and all levels.

Our processes are built around the Baldrige Program’s 11 core values:

1. Visionary Leadership: The University’s governing body set clear directions which create a student-focused, learning-oriented climate; clear and visible values; and high expectations which balance the needs of all stakeholders. They insure the creation of strategies, systems, and methods for achieving performance excellence, stimulating innovation, building knowledge and capabilities, and ensuring organizational sustainability.

2. Leaning-Centered Programs: Our academic programs place the focus of education on learning and the real needs of our program candidates. Our curricula emphasis active learning and is designed to develop knowledge workers and analytical problems solvers able to keep pace with today’s ever changing environment. Program curricula are sensitive to the changing student, stakeholder, and market requirements and to the factors that drive student learning, and stakeholder satisfaction.

We have high developmental expectations and minimum acceptable levels are set for all program candidates. Our experienced world class faculty understands that students may learn in different ways and at different rates and, in association with the senior administrators, are constantly searching for alternative ways to enhance learning. We use a wide range of techniques, materials, and experiences to engage program candidates and stimulate their learning. Formative assessment is used to measure learning early in the learning process which allow us to tailor the learning experiences to the individual needs and learning styles of candidates. Summarative assessment is used to measure progress against key, relevant external standards and norms regarding what candidates should know and should be able to do upon graduation. Candidates are also assisted in using self-assessment to chart their individual progress and to clarify goals and gaps in an effort to provide a smooth transition to future career aspirations.

3. We are a Learning Organization that Stresses Personal Development: At B-SkyU we realize that achieving the highest levels of organizational performance requires a well-executed approach to organizational and personal learning. Consequently, learning is embedded in the way our organization operates. It is a regular part of our daily work at the school and is practiced at all organizational levels. Our embedded organizational learning activities make it easier to solve problems at their source and are focused on building and sharing knowledge throughout the organization. They are driven by requirements to effect significant, meaningful change and ensure contributions to learning are made at all organization levels.

We place a strong emphasis on the effective design of our educational programs, curricula, and learning environments; as stimuli to improving the educational efficiency of the University. We have clear learning objectives built into each program which take into account not only the needs of the candidates but also the requirements of industry. We have institution wide monitoring and accountability processes for gauging student progress throughout their academic term which are coherent with our overall assessment strategy.

Learning at Blue Sky University is directed not only toward better educational programs and services but also toward being more adaptive, innovative, flexible, and responsive to the needs of students, stakeholders, and the market. As a learning organization our internal processes are geared to providing faculty and staff satisfaction and motivation to excel.

4. Our Faculty, Staff and Partners are Primary Assets: At B-SkyU our organization’s success is increasingly dependent on the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills, creativity, and motivation of our faculty and staff; and the ongoing cooperation with our external partners. As a result, leadership is committed to their satisfaction, development, and well-being. We include our faculty in the decision making and policy formulation processes and they continually work with senior administrative staff in developing methods to better execute our programs and curricula. We provide recognition that goes beyond our regular compensation system; we share organizational knowledge with our faculty as a means of soliciting their assistance in achieving our strategic objectives; and we have a corporate culture of creativity and innovation that encourages faculty development and progression within the institution.

In addition, we have an increasing emphasis on enhancing existing external arrangements and developing new alliances with complementary educational Institutions and corporate sponsors both domestically and internationally to better accomplish our overall goals.

5. We Think Globally but Act Locally: As a growing organization, our success in today’s ever-changing, globally competitive environment is dependent on our capacity to react quickly to the needs of our candidates and stakeholders with flexible, innovative solutions. We have an empowered faculty and energetic administrative team who are committed to the objectives of the organization and the needs of our constituents.

6. We have a Constant Focus on the Future: In today’s educational environment, we appreciate that creating a sustainable university requires understanding both the short-term as well as the longer term factors that affect not only the university by also the greater education market. We have a strong future orientation and have long term commitments from key faculty, staff and partners.

Our strategic planning processes attempt to anticipate factors such as, changes in educational requirements and instructional approaches; resource availability; students’ and stakeholders’ expectations; new partnering opportunities; faculty and staff development and hiring needs; technological developments; the evolving Internet environment; changes in demographics and in student and market segments; changes in community and societal expectations and needs; and strategic moves by comparable organizations. Our strategic objectives and long tern resource allocations accommodate these influences which we see as critical to the sustainability of our mission-orientated, learning-focused philosophy.

7. We Manage for Innovation: We are continually reviewing our systems and processes and when necessary making meaningful changes to improve our programs, services, process and operations to create new value for stakeholders. It is this spirit of innovation which continues to lead our organization to higher levels or performance and operational efficiency. It is what has proven critical to improving educational value to our candidates and for improving all educational and operational activities. We are led and managed so that innovation is a part of the learning culture and it is integrated into daily work and supported by our performance improvement system.

8. We Manage by Fact: Our institution has flourished as a result of our ability to measure and analysis performance. Derived from the organizations needs and strategy, our data collection and measurement processes provide critical data and information about key processes and results. Data which provides meaningful interpretations of trends, projections and cause and effect that is not always evident, and which is used to support our evaluation, decision making and process improvement policies.

It is the analysis of this data which supports a variety of institutional purposes such as, planning; reviewing our overall performance; improving operations; accomplishing change management; comparing our performance with organizations providing similar programs and services; or with “best practice” benchmarks.

9. We Have a Culture of Social Responsibility: We have an university focus on social responsibilities, ethical behavior and the need to practice good citizenship. We stress ethical behavior in all stakeholder transactions and interactions, with monitoring and accountability to the university’s governing body at all levels of the organization. We provide support for a number of public interest projects and work with other domestic and international universities in supporting collectively public interest projects aimed at enhancing good citizenship.

10. We Have a University Focus on Results and Creating Value: Our University’s performance measurement activities focus
on key results. Results which are used to create and balance value for our candidates and for key stakeholders – the community, employers, faculty and staff, partners and the public. Our strategic planning process explicitly includes key stakeholder requirements.

11. We Have a Systems Perspective of Our Activities: As shown in Figure 1 below, the use of the The Baldrige Criteria provides us with a systems perspective for managing the university and its key processes to achieve performance excellence. The seven Baldrige Categories and the 11 Core Values form the building blocks and the integrating mechanism for our system. However, successful management of overall performance of the system requires organization-specific synthesis, alignment and integration.

We have policies and procedures which focus on the university as a whole and build on key educational requirements, strategic objects, and action plans, to create stakeholder value. We use key university linkages outlined, in Figure 1, to ensure consistency of plans, processes, measures and actions. These alignments are embedded in our operating processes so that the individual components of our performance management system operate in a fully interconnected manner. It is this operating efficiency that enables us to use measurements, processes, indicators and organizational knowledge to build key strategies. We link these strategies with key processes and align our resources accordingly to consistently improve overall performance and satisfy the interests of our stakeholder groups.

Whether your motivation for advancing your education is personal, professional or a combination of both, Blue Sky University is ready to support you. Contact the Office of Admissions today (admissions@bluesky-u.com) for details on how our education programs can satisfy your academic, personal or professional needs. Also, be sure and ask about our scholarship opportunities.

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