Credit Transfer

Blue Sky University’s Credit Transfer Policy is the Board of Regents’ initiative to provide students the ability to effectively transfer between post secondary institutions of higher education. By building a comprehensive credit transfer system, the B-SkyU helps students customize an educational pathway that fits their needs and budget. The B-SkyU’s Credit Transfer Service will help you determine how courses taken at other colleges and universities would transfer to your B-SkyU program. The service is designed for all students.

Policy Overview

Students who have successfully completed one or more courses at another university, or institution of higher learning and who meet B-SkyU’s admission requirements will be granted transfer credit provided the courses are applicable to their B-SkyU program and their grades meet the minimum acceptable standards of their B-SkyU program.
Transfer credit is used to reduce the length of the degree program. Generally, the amount of transfer credit granted depends on how applicable the previous course work is to the particular degree program to which the student has applied. The amount of transfer credit is determined by Faculty regulations, and is subject to the same regulations as for those transferring from one Faculty to another within B-SkyU. Normally, a maximum of two years of transfer credit may be granted towards an undergraduate degree program.

Credit Transfer Policies

In deciding whether B-SkyU can accept credit from another institution, we follow policies set by the faculties of B-SkyU’s degree-granting schools. We consider such factors as:

  • The other institution’s accreditation or candidacy status with an American regional accrediting organization, or other international accrediting associations;
  • The accreditation’s type and nature;
  • The information found in institutional bulletins and guides;
  • Whether the credits are appropriate to B-SkyU’s degree programs.

Once Blue Sky University has admitted you and we have received your official college transcripts, we will prepare a detailed Credit Transfer Report (CTR). Most course credits from approved schools will transfer to your B-SkyU program as long as we offer an equivalent or comparable course. But please note the following:

  • Only courses in which you receive a grade of C or higher will transfer.
  • Transfer courses are never counted in your B-SkyU GPA.
  • You will be awarded the same number of hours for which you received credit at the other school. If the school you attended operates on semester hours, these semester hours will transfer to your B-SkyU program as is. If the school operates on quarter hours, your transferable credits will be multiplied by two-thirds to convert them to semester hours. Credits from schools that operate on unit systems or other types of credit systems will also be converted to semester hours.
  • Placement exams for other institutions may or may not be eligible for transfer credit.
  • Credit depends on the institution offering the exam, the content of the exam, and whether qualifying courses in the same subject area were successfully completed after the exam.
  • If you studied at a junior or community college, we can apply up to two years (60 semester hours) of transferred credit from that school.
  • The Dean of the school in which you intend to receive your B-SkyU degree determines how transfer credits will be applied to your B-SkyU degree requirements.
  • Courses for which B-SkyU does not have an exact match can sometimes be transferred to your B-SkyU program. The Office of Admissions can provide you with additional details.

Students who have Completed Academic Work at non-U.S. Institutions

All students who have started university work after completing their secondary study should apply as transfer students, even if they have not yet completed their first term exams at the time of application. International Admissions will review all overseas post-secondary study for potential transfer credit or advanced standing at Blue Sky University. We use the following criteria:

  • The post-secondary institution must be either recognized by the national Ministry of Education as a degree-granting institution, or it must be accredited by one of the six U.S. regional accrediting bodies or a comparable international accrediting organization. If sufficient proof of recognition or accreditation is not available, no transfer credit can be awarded.
  • Only courses with grades can be considered for transfer credit, and each course must have a minimum grade of “C” to transfer to your B-SkyU program. Since many international universities do not use the U.S. 4.0 grading scale, International Admissions determines the grade most equivalent to a “C” in the U.S. To do so, we use the standards set forth by NAFSA, ACE, and AACRAO as well as information about the country’s and the specific institution’s grading scales and practices.
  • Each course is considered for transfer credit individually. We do not transfer “blocks” of credit based upon grade averages. International Admissions transfers individual courses that meet the minimum grade requirement for transfer. Individual courses with grades below the minimum requirement are not transferred, regardless of the student’s overall grade point average.
  • Please note that in general no credit is awarded for English language or writing courses completed in non-Anglophone countries.
  • Finally, International Admissions will determine the number of credit hours awarded for each transferred course, based on factors such as the requirements for a normal full-time load at the non-U.S. school and the weighted distribution of credit for each course completed.

It is advantageous for students who complete work at non-US institutions to send detailed syllabi of all completed and in-progress courses with their application materials. Whether your motivation for advancing your education is personal, professional or a combination of both, Blue Sky University is ready to support you. Contact the Office of Admissions today ( for details on how our programs can satisfy your academic, personal or professional needs. Also, be sure and ask about our scholarship opportunities and credit transfer policies.

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