School of Computer Sciences

Blue Sky University’s School of Computer Science is a premier institution for computer science research and education. From the beginnings of “thinking computers” through today’s intelligent tutors, our award-winning faculty, researchers and students are internationally known for consistently developing new methods and technologies that have an enduring impact on academic, scientific and commercial endeavors. The educational experience available at Blue Sky U’s School of Computer Sciences is unparalleled. Our undergraduate program prepares students to be industry and academic leaders who can apply technology and computer science principles across a wide variety of fields. Our Ph.D. program is delivers ground breaking research in applied technology.

Blue Sky U’s School of Computer Sciences is unique in the breadth of computer science research that it encompasses. Within our departments, researchers and theorists are working on tomorrow’s problems today. They assisting in designing reconfigurable nanotechnology, deciphering the language of proteins, automating discovery of the defects that lead to disease, harnessing human computation, investigating the intersection of privacy, security and public policy and creating robots of every shape and size.

Who We Are

The Blue Sky U School of Computer Science follows the theme that the field of computer science covers the theory and design of computers, as well as all phenomena associated with them. Its research and educational programs span a range of disciplines, including the hardware and software that make up computers, the theory behind them, applications such as robotics, natural language understanding, and computational biology, and the impact computers have on people and organizations. Its educational offerings include undergraduate programs in computer science and human-computer interaction, research-oriented and professional masters programs, and multiple PhD programs. It also maintains active collaborations with industry and other universities.

The School’s Mission Statement

To generate and disseminate durable knowledge within and around the rapidly evolving discipline of computer science by:

  • Educating bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree candidates within our discipline;
  • Contributing to the education of degree candidates in related fields, including mathematics, meteorology, computer engineering, industrial engineering and electrical engineering;
  • Generating knowledge in theoretical and applied topics within and around our discipline and disseminating the results;
  • Contributing to professional societies within and around our discipline;
  • Producing graduates who are highly sought by industry, government and universities.

Undergraduate Studies in Computer Sciences

Almost any endeavour – whether business, industry or science – needs computer support if it hopes to stay competitive. In fact, many endeavours in these areas are fundamentally if not entirely computer science. No wonder those who design, implement and maintain computer systems are in demand. From solving end-user problems to developing new strategies for increasing the capacity of a system to studying the nature of intelligence or vision, they have the skills the world depends on.

The successful completion of this four-year program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Graduates of this program are highly effective and independent computing professionals, capable of working in a wide variety of technical and managerial roles immediately upon graduation. Alternatively, many of our graduates have gone on to complete higher-level degrees at universities in Canada and abroad. The program’s careful mix of theory and practice provides our students with a solid background in the core areas of computer science including networking, software engineering, and robotics. This program produces effective computer science professionals who are qualified and in demand.

First-Year Studies (approximately 20 hours per week): Computer Science I & II, Introduction to C & UNIX, Calculus I & II, Discrete Mathematics I & II, Physics, Liberal Studies (two selections).

In years one and two, you will learn the basics of programming, software engineering, data structures, operating systems and computer architecture. At the same time you will build a firm foundation for problem solving by taking courses in calculus, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, probability, physics, communication, management and liberal studies.

Throughout their coursework, Blue Sky U Computer Science students are required to write many practical applications in their assignments. Some courses require the students to do requirements engineering, design and implementation of a large information systems project. The optional thesis course typically requires planning and implementing a significant software system. Many courses have associated labs where students work on practical problems under the supervision of teaching assistants and/or instructors.In years three and four, you will study database systems, data communications, artificial intelligence, parsing, algorithms, computer security, and comparison of programming languages. You will also choose from a wide range of computer science electives in areas such as operating systems, software engineering, networks, compiler design, graphics, human-computer interaction, web applications, artificial intelligence, robotics and research (thesis). Your communication skills and background knowledge will be enhanced by four upper-level liberal studies courses and one or two selections from engineering, business or science. You will further your mathematical development with one to three courses from a broad list including statistics, number theory, graph theory, geometry and computability. You may also choose to minor in mathematics.

As a graduate, you’ll have the professional flexibility to work in a wide range of computing environments. You may work for the civil service, manufacturers, banks, utilities, computer service and insurance companies, and consulting firms. Some typical starting positions include applications programmer, support programmer/ analyst, and database administrator. You may choose to enter graduate school or start your own consulting business.

Master of Science in Computer Science (M.Sc.)

The Blue Sky U School of Computer Science offers a six semester cutting-edge graduate thesis-based program leading to a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. This program is designed to promote high achievement in theoretical and practical problems within the field of computer science and to address the burgeoning education demands for graduate and professionals with advanced Computer Science education.

Program Objectives

  • To provide a technically oriented scientific graduate education for individuals who are motivated to extend their computer science expertise and education or to acquire new technical and scientific skills in the discipline of computer science.
  • To offer students opportunities to study the philosophical and theoretical foundations underlying the discipline.
  • To offer students a solid background in core areas and exposure to cutting-edge research in computer science.
  • To provide students with the tools needed to compete in any marketplace.

All students in the Master of Science program will be required to enroll as full-time students for a minimum of one year. The normal length of the program is two years, and may be extended with the approval of the Program Director and the student’s supervisor(s). The time limit for completion is limited to three years from initial registration.

All graduate students are required to maintain continuous registration every semester of their program until all requirements of their program have been met, unless they have been granted Inactive Status.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (Ph.D.)

The Doctor Philosophy in Computer Science program at Blue Sky University has two principal objectives for the intellectual development and the educational experience of participating graduate students.

  • First, the program is intended to provide a technically oriented and scientific post-graduate education to individuals who are motivated either to extend their computer expertise and education or to acquire new technical and scientific skills in the computer science discipline.
  • Second, the program will offer students opportunities to study the philosophical and theoretical foundations underlying the discipline.

Additional urban search and rescue (USAR) research and testing facilities are available for use through the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) at their Urban Search and Rescue, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive Response Team (UCRT) headquarters in Bolton, Ontario, where approximately two acres of purpose-built urban disaster simulations are available for research in computational public safety through a memorandum of understanding between the OPP and Ryerson.These two objectives will lead to intellectual growth in our students. The central mechanism for this intellectual growth will be the preparation of a research-based Dissertation. Students will be required to conduct, report, and defend original research that makes a scholarly contribution to their field. Prior to commencing their dissertation work, candidates will be required to prepare a detailed research proposal, which includes a thorough review of the relevant scientific literature. At this stage, guided by their faculty supervisor(s), students will learn how to clearly define a research problem and how to specify a systematic plan for its investigation. They will learn the methodologies used for the analysis of the problem, which may include experimental techniques, numerical/mathematical methods and software tools.

All students in the Ph.D. program will be required to enroll as full-time students for a minimum of two years. The normal length of the program is three years, and may be extended with the approval of the Program Director and the student’s supervisor(s). The time limit for completion is limited to six years from initial registration.

Whether your motivation for advancing your education is personal, professional or a combination of both, Blue Sky University is ready to support you. Contact the Office of Admissions today ( for details on how our Computer Science programs can satisfy your academic, personal or professional needs. Also, be sure and ask about our scholarship opportunities that are reserved exclusively for students in the School of Computer Sciences.

Programs offered by School of Computer Sciences

Degree Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Associate Degree (A.Sc.) Minimum high school or equiv.
Associate-to-Bachelor’s Desgree (B.Sc.) Associate degree, or equir. international education
Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) Minimum high school or equiv.
Masters Degree (M.Sc.) Minimum Bachelor’s or equiv.
Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) Minimum Master’s or equiv.


Diploma Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Diploma in Computer Sciences Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences Minimum high school or equiv.


Certificate Programs

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Course Certificate in Computer Sciences Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Course Certificate in Computer Sciences Minimum high school or equiv.
Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Sciences Minimum high school or equiv.
Graduate Certificate in Computer Sciences Minimum high school or equiv.
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